About us

We started in May 2019 with one little product that I wanted for my car. We made the first design on a 3D printer and went from there. In less than two years its moved from one product to 25 different products and a range of different colours all made in house in the UK. We now supply other peoples products. We focused originally on Fords and then BMW's. We make custom products for people as well.

We are true petrol heads and want to be there to help fellow petrol heads make their cars how they want them to be. We promise no hidden expenses, no extra Tax at check out, just honest prices.

Our goal is to allow people to modify there cars, offer solutions and improvements for your car. Weather that's performance or styling we aim to be able to offer it all, at a brilliant price and excellent customer service! We want to see and hear more cars on the road that look and sound amazing. 

It’s a genuine pleasure to be able to do what we do. If there is ever anything we can do for you let us know and we will do our best to help. Our email is Sales@Nforcd.com