Unlock Your BMW's Full Potential with Nforcd Custom Tuning

At Nforcd, we are pleased to offer a range of exceptional custom tuning options designed to maximize the performance of your BMW. Our expertly tailored tuning solutions will elevate your driving experience to new heights, and we're committed to ensuring that your vehicle operates at its absolute best, all while prioritizing safety.

Our Custom Tuning Options:

STG1: £480

  • Stage 1 tuning represents an ideal starting point for those looking to enhance their BMW's performance without compromising safety.

STG2: £540

  • Stage 2 tuning is the next level, providing even more power and torque for an exhilarating driving experience.

STG2+: £540

  • Stage 2+ tuning takes things up a notch, delivering exceptional gains in performance that will leave you thrilled with your BMW's capabilities.

STG3: £600

  • Stage 3 tuning is for the true enthusiasts, offering the highest level of performance enhancements for your BMW.

Add Dyno Testing for Precision:

  • Want to see the exact gains made on your car? Our state-of-the-art hub dyno testing is available for an additional £90 to any of the above tuning options.

Tuning Files for Advanced Users:

  • If you prefer to use MG Flasher, BootMod3, or similar platforms for your tuning needs, we offer tuning files at competitive prices:

STG1 - £100+VAT

STG2 - £150+VAT

STG2+ - £150+VAT

STG3 - £200+VAT

Our comprehensive testing process ensures that your BMW is performing optimally before we initiate any tuning. We believe in creating a FULLY custom calibration from the ground up, optimizing every parameter to ensure perfect harmony with your vehicle.

Unleash Your BMW's Full Potential Today: Contact us today to learn more about our custom tuning services and to schedule an appointment. Experience the ultimate in BMW performance enhancement with Nforcd Custom Tuning, and join countless satisfied customers who have elevated their driving experience with us.

Unlock your BMW's true potential – choose Nforcd Custom Tuning!

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