We now offer fitting!

We are now able to offer fitting on all of our parts. From full turbo kits installs to front splitter installs we can do them all. 

Please drop us a message or email us for any quote.

We can make custom exhaust and custom fabrications. We specialise in modified cars and really are a garage for modified cars and car enthusiast. With over 24 years of experience modifying cars where is better to take your pride and joy! We know what we are doing when fitting aftermarket parts unlike quite a few garages out there.

Location - we are located in a village called Marton. Less than 10 miles from the centre of Coventry. 7 miles away from Leamington spa. 8 miles from Rugby. We aren't far from the M6 or M40 so easy access from most of the midlands. 

We build full on race cars, street cars and even show cars. Our cars have been on the front of car magazines. 

"Safe to say we are passionate about all things car related and if we’re not at work we’ll either be out on track or at the Nürburgring." 

To list just a few things we have on offer:

  • We can make full exhaust systems.
  • Full buildings, including track cars.
  • Engine swaps.
  • Remapping.


Fitting of all of these parts on the website including:

  • Installing coilovers and lowering springs - we even offer suspension set up and balancing after the fact.
  • Intercooler installs and swaps.
  • Body work such as fitting front splitter and body kits.
  • Control arm upgrades.
  • Turbo upgrade kits.
  • Intake kit installs.
  • Charge pipe upgrades fitted.
  • Full exhaust kits fitted.
  • Sports cats and Decats installed.
  • Sport Clutch upgrades and fitting.

We will get fixed prices added to the website once we can. Until then please reach out to us to get a quote for any of the parts you need! 

Some fixed price options:

  • B58 Decat or sport Cat fitted: £132 - Not including gaskets which we highly recommend and offer
  • N55 Decat or sport Cat fitted: £165 - Not including gaskets which we highly recommend and offer
  • Single Res delete on most BMW models: £90 + pipe
  • Front splitter fitting: £90
  • F20 front splitter, side skirt, rear spat and diffuser fitting: £180
  • Full splitter kit fitting (Front splitter, sides skirts and rear spats): £160
  • M140i Scorpion double res delete: £435 fitted and including parts
  • Back box delete fitting: £90
  • Custom Stage 1 and Stage 2: £350
  • Coilovers fitted: £250
  • Springs fitted: £250
  • F series and more full brake discs and pads change: £180
  • Geo sat up and corner weighting: £250
  • M performance LSD install: £400
  • Diff inserts fitting for F20/F21/F22/F30: £90
  • Subframe Powerflex inserts for F20/F21/F22/F30: £90
  • F20 F21 underbrace fitting: £60
  • Manual B58 550i clutch fitting: £420
  • M3/M4 control arms fitting to baby m cars: £120
  • ZF8 gear box oil change: £325
  • B58 and N55 Charge pipe install: £55
  • Intake full piece fitting: £55 including
  • B58 Half intake (silicon elbow): £25 
  • B58 Turbo install: £600
  • B58 Fuel pump fitting: £55
  • B58 and N55 Spark plugs fitting: £55
  • Lots more coming soon!