AK-Motion BMW F10 F11 Data Display (Inc. 535i, 550i, M550dx & M5)

AK-Motion BMW F10 F11 Data Display (Inc. 535i, 550i, M550dx & M5)

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AK-Motion offers a data display for your BMW 5-Series (F1x) that allows for a full overview of information about the vehicle at a glance. The display will be installed in the air vent inside the center section of your dashboard in BMW Exx and Fxx series vehicles and is controlled via the touchscreen. Gxx vehicles are not supported.

The AK-Motion Data Display offers many functionalities (The functions vary depending on the engine) 

Please Note: Only fits with 2-zone ventilation without further adjustments of the fresh air vent.


  • Control Unit
  • 3.2 inch display including frame
  • Cable set for connection to the vehicle
  • Display cable
  • 1x USB cable for updating
  • Matte antireflection film
  • 2x socket housing for rewiring the necessary cables to the vehicle


  • Activation and deactivation of Active Sound Design (F-series)
  • Activation and deactivation of DSC/DTC while starting the vehicle (E-series)
  • Activation of relays: up to four relays can be controlled with the unit
  • Activation of the speedometer needle when ignition on
  • Adjustable shift light (shown on the display or/and flash on the instrument cluster)
  • Air flow
  • Automatic and manual brightness control
  • Battery voltage
  • Boost pressure (actual value)
  • Boost pressure (target value)
  • Charge air temperature (IAT)
  • Compensation of scaled maps (for N54, boost pressure > 1,5 Bar)
  • Dashboard with eight freely selectable values
  • Delete – R (F-series without cat code)
  • DPF differential pressure
  • Driven distance since successful regeneration of DPF
  • Enable burble (F-series)
  • Enable diagnostic (OBD2) by Data Display
  • Exhaust temperature (calculated)
  • Firing angle
  • Flap control
  • Freely selectable bootscreen
  • Freely selectable color scale (e.g. oil temperature red, yellow and green)
  • Freely selectable speed and timing measurement
  • Freely selectable values which can be displayed as values or as bar diagram (up to three)
  • Fuel pressure
  • Full graphical touch-display (with 65536 colors)
  • Gearbox temperature (automatic and DKG vehicles. E-series and F-series)
  • G-Force
  • Ignition time
  • Lambda value
  • Lap time (displays distance and time)
  • OBD2-blocker function (unlock with freely selectable code!)
  • Oil pressure (F-series. E-series with external sensor)
  • Oil temperature
  • Optimal external sensor (oil temperature, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, …)
  • Power
  • Pressure before DPF
  • Rail pressure
  • Read and delete engine error code
  • Save and reset max values
  • Saving of the last four timing measurements
  • Selecting language and units (English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Bar-PSI, PS-KW, Lambda-AFR, °C-°F, etc…)
  • Soot mass DPF
  • Speed (possible to match with GPS)
  • Timing 0-100
  • Timing 1/2 Mile
  • Timing 1/4 Mile
  • Timing 1/8 Mile
  • Timing 100-200
  • Torque
  • Torque compensation value (e.g. for vehicles with chip tuning or powerbox)
  • Unit is updatable
  • Up to four freely selectable parameters which can be displayed in the flow diagram
  • Waste gate positon
  • Water temperature


  • BMW 5 Series F10 F11 (2009-2016)

Please Note:  This is compatible with LHD models only, as the display frame for the air vent does not fit the RHD models. 




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AK-Motion BMW F10 F11 Data Display (Inc. 535i, 550i, M550dx & M5) - Nforcd UK

AK-Motion BMW F10 F11 Data Display (Inc. 535i, 550i, M550dx & M5) - Nforcd UK