Bilstein BMW F48 X1 B12 Pro Kit Coilover (Inc. X1 25dx, X1 25ix & X1 25ex)

Bilstein BMW F48 X1 B12 Pro Kit Coilover (Inc. X1 25dx, X1 25ix & X1 25ex)

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Fits you, your style and your car. Our BILSTEIN B12 performance suspension kit is the perfect sport suspension system for upgrading, handling and quick and easy lowering. Combining the best looks with the most dynamic driving experience.


Improved comfort and handling compared to factory suspension

Our B12 suspension kit is the go-to option for a sporty suspension upgrade. Developed specifically for your vehicle, the B12 is engineered for ease of installation and tailored to the ride dynamics of your suspension.


Direct Fit

The spring compression height and motion ratio remain the same, just like your original suspension geometry. This means that ground clearance remains the same and nothing grinds or rubs!


Static Lowering

You like sporty performance? With our BILSTEIN B12 sports suspensions, you can lower your vehicle easily and quickly by up to 50 mm – perfectly matched to your vehicle and your needs, including technical certifications.


  • An alternative to original manufacturer sports suspensions – the B12 is a retrofitting option to upgrade your driving experience
  • No rubbing and no pavement scraping problems due to ground clearance, despite lowering!
  • Perfectly tuned lowering for optimum road feel and looks. Vehicle and driver center of gravity lowered by up to 50 mm depending on the application – including technical certification
  • Provides improved stability for more performance and comfort – even on long-haul trips
  • Both sporty and comfortable? It’s possible with our Street and Track Performance suspensions


  • BMW X1 Series F48 (2014-2018)
    • X1 20dx, X1 20ix, X1 25dx, X1 25ix & X1 25ex



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2 Year Bilstein Warranty