Bilstein VW T5 T6 Transporter B14 Komfort Coilover Kit
Bilstein VW T5 T6 Transporter B14 Komfort Coilover Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bilstein VW T5 T6 Transporter B14 Komfort Coilover Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bilstein VW T5 T6 Transporter B14 Komfort Coilover Kit

Bilstein VW T5 T6 Transporter B14 Komfort Coilover Kit

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Bilstein B14 Komfort Coilover Suspension Kits are high-performance height-adjustable monotube coilovers specially designed for comfortable road use.

Bilstein's new B14 Komfort range is are designed to offer you all of the advantages you would expect from their standard B14 range, but with more emphasis on ride quality and comfort making it an ideal choice for a daily driver.

Bilstein are masters of the art of setting dampers up to give a firm, controlled ride, without being harsh or uncomfortable. B14s are fixed damping rate, but Bilstein thoroughly test their kit both on demanding tracks and on real European roads, so these should be an excellent balance between comfort and handling. The Komfort B14 is are valved just a bit plusher than standard.

Onto these dampers Bilstein mount height adjustable springs. Just as they are experts at fine-tuning damper rates, Bilstein also know how to match springs and dampers so as to provide an ideal balance between comfort/ride-quality and grip. Again, Bilstein have chosen slightly softer spring rates for the Komfort version.

This gives you a package that allows you to get really low for handling and looks but is perhaps a better set-up for choppy tarmac.

One of the challenges facing coilovers is that to be adjustable they need threaded sections, and threads and adjusters can corrode and seize up. To combat this, Bilstein use their own Triple-C anti-corrosion coating. This resists corrosion from road salt extremely well. They also use rounded thread sections which are easy to turn.


Note: Please check if your vehicle has electronic suspension, and if it does, please purchase the corresponding kit that is required. If you fit a standard kit, you will either need to purchase a cancellation kit or have the fault coded out. 

Coilover height adjustable units are supplied front & rear where possible. Where rear suspension design does not allow for coilovers, alternative height adjustable or lowered units are supplied.

On vehicles where sports suspension is an option, lowering amounts shown are for vehicles without sports suspension. If factory sports suspension is fitted, the factory lowering amount will have to be deducted from the lowering amount shown. This can be as much as 30mm (e.g. Audi S-Line, BMW M-Sport, AMG-Line etc.)


  • Softer springs and damper rates for improved comfort
  • Lowering range of 40 to 70 mm, but incredibly comfortable handling while minimizing lateral movement, pitching and rolling motion. Typically the genius Bilstein concept!
  • Fully height adjustable
  • Triple-C anti-corrosion coating for long life
  • 2 year warranty for added peace of mind

  • Volkswagen T5 Transporter (2003–2015) 
  • Volkswagen T6 Transporter (2016+)

 Please Note: Does not fit T32 models


To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout.




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