EBC BMW F20 F30 F32 F80 RP-1 Rear Brake Pads (Inc. M135i, M140i, M235i, M3 & M4)

EBC BMW F20 F30 F32 F80 RP-1 Rear Brake Pads (Inc. M135i, M140i, M235i, M3 & M4)

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EBC RP-1 Rear Brake pads for BMW models.

After several years of studies, EBC managed to create the highest quality brake pads out of its offer. 100% made in EBC Brakes Bristol UK with a blend of Carbon-Kevlar materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures without altering the braking properties.


    • Resistance to extreme braking temperatures
    • Long-term durability without wilting of braking effect
    • Stable and repeatable lap after lap braking
    • Braking material deposited on the stainless steel plate
    • Revolutionary Nucap® NRS mounting system
    • Care for brake discs


    Suitable for BMW F Series models with the M Performance brake calipers in either Yellow, Orange or Red finishes.

    • BMW 1 Series F20 F21 (2012-2019)
      • M135i, M135ix, M140i & M140ix
    • BMW 2 Series F22 F23 (2016-2019)
      • 228i, 228ix, 230i, 230ix, M235i, M235ix, M240i & M240ix
    • BMW 2 Series F87 (2014-2018)
      • M2 & M2 Competition
    • BMW 3 Series F30 F31 F34 (2012-2019)
      • 320i, 320ix, 320d, 325d, 328i, 328ix, 330i, 330d, 330e, 335dx, 335i, 335ix, 340i. 440ix & ActiveHybrid 3
    • BMW 3 Series F80 (2012-2019)
      • M3, M3 CS & M3 Competition
    • BMW 4 Series F32 F33 F36 (2013-2020)
      • 420i, 420ix, 420d, 425d, 428i, 428ix, 430i, 430ix, 430d, 435i, 435ix, 435d, 440i & 440ix
    • BMW 4 Series F82 F83 (2012-2018)
      • M4 & M4 Competition


    DP82133RP1 (Rear)


    Manufactured by

    EBC Brakes



    EBC one year or 10,000 miles warranty