EBC BMW F20 F30 F32 F80 RP-X Racing Front Brake Pads (Inc. M135i, M140i, M235i, M3 & M4)

EBC BMW F20 F30 F32 F80 RP-X Racing Front Brake Pads (Inc. M135i, M140i, M235i, M3 & M4)

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Following the hugely successful launch of RP-1™, EBC Brakes Racing increases its motorsport brake pad range with the introduction of our latest ultra-high-performance track & race material, RP-X™.

Designed for vehicles driven hard on track, RP-X™ possesses a high friction level of 0.55 between 0 – 850°C and achieves 100% brake effect from cold. This makes RP-X™ an excellent choice for sprint racing or hill climb events, where full brake performance is essential without requiring any ‘warming up’, but also makes RP-X™ well suited to any type of circuit use where a high initial bite and powerful brake response is desirable.

EBC Racing would like to emphasise that it is not a case of RP-X™ being ‘better’ than RP-1™, rather it is ‘different’ and designed to provide a distinctly different response characteristic (more aggressive bite) which some drivers may prefer. For a detailed comparison between the 2 materials, please read the following article where we aim to help you make an informed choice on which material is likely to work best for your application and individual driving style.

To complete your setup, you may be interested in the rear EBC BMW F20 F30 F32 F80 RP-X Racing Rear Brake Pads (Inc. M135i, M140i, M235i, M3 & M4)


    • Made 100% in EBC Brakes’ Bristol, UK pad factory
    • Stainless steel backing plates (reduced heat conduction, no paint)
    • Backplates feature Nucap® NRS® hook pad retention system
    • Excellent pad life with moderate disc life
    • NOT R90 approved for road-use in European markets
    • ‘Love it or Return it’ performance guarantee


    Models Equipped with Brembo Brake Calipers

    Suitable for BMW F Series models with the M Performance brake calipers in either Yellow, Orange or Red finishes.

    • BMW 1 Series F20 F21 (2012-2019)
      • M135i, M135ix, M140i & M140ix
    • BMW 2 Series F22 F23 (2016-2019)
      • 228i, 228ix, 230i, 230ix, M235i, M235ix, M240i & M240ix
    • BMW 3 Series F30 F31 F34 (2012-2019)
      • 328i, 328ix, 330i, 335i, 335ix, 340i & 340ix
    • BMW 4 Series F32 F33 F36 (2013-2020)
      • 428i, 428ix, 430i, 430ix, 435i, 435ix, 440i & 440ix
    • BMW M Series F87 (2014-2018)
      • M2 & M2 Competition
    • BMW M Series F80 (2012-2019)
      • M3 & M3 Competition
    • BMW M Series F82 F83 (2012-2018)
      • M4 & M4 Competition


    DP82130RPX (Front)


    Manufactured by

    EBC Brakes



    EBC one year or 10,000 miles warranty