EBC BMW TOYOTA Yellowstuff Street and Track Front Brake Pads - Brembo Calliper (Inc. G20 M340i, G30 M550i, G29 Z4 M40i & GR Supra)

EBC BMW TOYOTA Yellowstuff Street and Track Front Brake Pads - Brembo Calliper (Inc. G20 M340i, G30 M550i, G29 Z4 M40i & GR Supra)

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EBC Brakes Yellowstuff compound is a high performance road pad that is also suitable for track use and works really well from cold. If you want the ultimate in high friction braking, this is the pad to choose. Brakes feel superb from first touch of the pedal and stay effective right up to race temperatures.

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff is designed for faster, higher horsepower cars where maximum stopping power is the prime requirement as well as for track use. The dust rating is less than OEM parts. Where necessary, all pads come with edge chamfers, noise reduction shims and OEM hardware. All EBC Brakes Yellowstuff pads feature the Brake-In surface coating which helps pads to seat quickly after installation.


All EBC compounds are performance enhanced with CERAMIC GRANULES making them a true premium upgrade pad range for all vehicles.


The picture displayed is for illustration only, it may not reflect the actual product.


  • Yellowstuff 4000 series type approved upgrade brake pad set for street, trackday or drift use
  • Designed for use on faster, higher horsepower vehicles and for short track use

Only Compatible with Brembo Caliper 


  • G20 G21   (2019 — Present)
    • 318i/320i/320ix/330i/330ix/330e/M340i (2.0 TD/3.0 TD/1.6 Turbo/2.0 Turbo/2.0 Turbo and Electric)
  • G30 G31   (2017 — Present)
    • 530i/530e/540i/530ix/540ix/530ex/M550i/M550d (3.0 TD/2.0 Turbo/3.0 Turbo/2.0 Turbo and Electric/4.4 Twin Turbo/3.0 Quad TD)
  • G32  (2017 — Present)
    • 620i GT/630i GT/640i GT/620ix GT/630ix GT/640ix GT (2.0 TD/3.0 TD/2.0 Turbo/3.0 Turbo/3.0 Twin TD)
  • G11 G12  (2015 — Present)
    • 725i/730i/740i/740e/745e/730ix/740ix/740ex/745ex (2.0 TD/3.0 TD/2.0 Turbo/3.0 Turbo/3.0 Turbo and Electric)
  • G14 G15 G16   (2018 — Present)
    • 840i/840d (3.0 TD/3.0 Turbo)
  • G01   (2017 — Present)
    • X3 20i/30i/20d/30d/M40i (2.0 TD/3.0 TD/2.0 Turbo/3.0 Turbo)
  • G02   (2018 — Present)
    • X4 20i/30i/20d/30d/M40i/M40d (2.0 TD/3.0 TD/2.0 Twin TD/3.0 Twin TD/2.0 Turbo/3.0 Turbo)
  • G05   (2018 — Present)
    • X5 40i/30d/M50i (3.0 TD/3.0 Turbo/4.4 Twin Turbo)
  • G29   (2018 — Present)
    • Z4 20i/30i/M40i (2.0 Turbo/3.0 Turbo)
  • GR   (2019 — Present)
    • Supra (3.0 Turbo)


Please kindly contact us if you are unsure which caliper you have so we can check prior to your order.


DP42302R (Front)


Manufactured by

EBC Brakes



EBC one year or 10,000 miles warranty