Genuine BMW F40 F44 M Performance 18" Big Brake Kit (Inc. 118i, 120dx, 220d & 228ix)

Genuine BMW F40 F44 M Performance 18" Big Brake Kit (Inc. 118i, 120dx, 220d & 228ix)

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BMW 18" big brake retrofit kit with the parts you need to upgrade your brakes, front and rear. Red Calipers.

  • 2x front brake discs
  • 2x rear brake discs
  • 4x caliper housings
  • 4x brake calipers
  • 1x brake pad repair kit, asbestos-free (front)
  • 1x brake pad repair kit, asbestos-free (rear)
  • 2x brake pad sensors, front and rear
  • 2x fenders, left and right
  • 2x mudguards
  • 1x master cylinder
  • 1x brake booster
  • 2x actuators
  • 1x expansion tank including warning switch
  • Fastening material


  • Improved thermal load capacity through larger, ventilated lightweight sport brake discs
  • Reduction of the emergence of a water film between Brake lining and brake disc by countersinking and grooves
  • Low weight, thus low unsprung masses
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Underlining the sportiness especially on alloy wheels with open wheel design.
  • Not available as special equipment. Safety
  • The vehicle must be retracted carefully for the first 200 km after installing the brake system! After the break-in period, the full effectiveness of the brake system is given.
  • Due to the constructional peculiarity of the perforated and grooved BMW lightweight sports brake discs, it can lead to functional noise when braking, but have no influence on the stability of the brake discs.
  • The DSC coding must be adapted to the BMW MPerformance sports brake system.
  • A national loss and the change in the vehicle documents is always necessary because the brake system in the pivotal data changes!
  • instructions : - Installation is carried out analogously to the BMW installation instructions.


  • BMW 1 Series F40(05/2018 — 12/2019)
    • 116d, 118d, 118i & 120dx
  • BMW 2 Series F44 Gran Coupé   (10/2018 — 12/2019)
    • 218i, 220d & 228ix


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Manufactured by

BMW - Genuine BMW Performance Parts.



Two years manufacturer warranty for UK customers and one year manufacturer warranty for international customers if VIN is provided during check out on compatible vehicles.

Genuine BMW F40 F44 M Performance 18" Big Brake Kit (Inc. 118i, 120dx, 220d & 228ix) - Nforcd UK