Genuine BMW F87 M2 & M2 Competition M Performance Suspension

Genuine BMW F87 M2 & M2 Competition M Performance Suspension

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Retrofitting M Performance sport suspension for BMW M2 & M2 Competition models significantly increases the dynamic performance of the M2 & M2 Competition. The additional vehicle lowering (coilover suspension) not only provides a more dynamic driving experience, but also enhances the sporty appearance of the vehicle.

The damper force adjustment is done separately for the rebound & compression stage. The adjustable damping components offer different individual driving characteristics for driving dynamics and comfort.

This kit includes 33502413033 and additional nuts, bolts and screws required for fitting.

Please Note: Installation would take approximately 4 hours.

  • With this even sportier suspension tuning excellent roadholding is achieved.
  • Pronounced neutral handling and significantly reduced roll movements of the vehicle body.
  • A much more direct connection of the vehicle body to the road significantly increases the driving dynamics.
  • Increase in performance, especially with highly dynamic driving style.
  • Optically attractive black stainless steel dampers with red coil springs and blue spring plates.
  • The coilover suspension is tuned with the experience of professional test riders.
  • The tests were carried out on several racetracks.
  • The chassis was also designed for different road conditions.
  • The sports suspension has been developed to provide racing-inspired driving dynamics for everyday road use.
  • The choice of materials was made under the conditions to be able to offer the best possible durability and corrosion resistance on a standard level.
  • The recommended lowering of the M Performance coilover kit compared to the standard condition is -15 mm. In addition, another -5 mm lowering can be achieved compared to the recommended M Performance setting.
  • Adjustable damping technique independent of rebound and compression (16 compression rebound damping settings / 12 compression rebound adjustment options).
  • High-quality damping components for a long service life.
  • A wheel alignment and adjustment of the chassis is necessary.
  • The vehicle does not have to be re-coded.

    • BMW N55 F87 M2 & F87 LCI M2
    • BMW S55 F87 LCI M2 Competition

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    GBMW0003 / 33502413033


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    Two years manufacturer warranty for UK customers and one year manufacturer warranty for international customers if VIN is provided during check out on compatible vehicles.