H&R BMW F30 F32 20mm or 40mm Lowering Springs for xDrive (Inc. 335ix, 340ix, 430ix & 440ix)

H&R BMW F30 F32 20mm or 40mm Lowering Springs for xDrive (Inc. 335ix, 340ix, 430ix & 440ix)

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The H&R Lowering Spring kit especially designed for the 3 Series F30 Saloon and 4 Series F32 Coupe xDrive, is a set of sport suspension springs that can be used in conjunction with factory OE dampers and other types of after market shocks. You will sense the sporty road performance of your vehicle when changing direction and when pulling through curves at high speeds and still maintains the comfort of your ride.

Based on motorsport developments and a myriad of test series in H&R’s own test development centre, H&R Lowering Spring kits are designed in accordance to the latest insights of driving dynamics.

The Lowering Spring kit features a balanced relationship between sport looks, more safety and added performance while offering increased driving pleasure at the same time. Ideal if you want to lower your car and still retain a good level of driving comfort, offers lowering of both front and ear by 40mm on F30 Saloon and 20mm on F32 Coupe.


Supplied as a complete car set. (Includes both front and rear), and suitable for those with electronic suspension control as well as without.


  • Sporty appearance
  • Improved handling characteristics
  • Lowered center of gravity
  • Linear or progressive spring design
  • Compatible with OE and aftermarket shock absorbers
  • Powder coated for anhanced appearance and corrosion resistance
  • Delivered with ABE or TUV approval
  • Engineered, manufactured and tested in Germany
  • Compatible with Adaptive Drive
  • Lowering front and rear by 40mm on 3 series F30 Saloon
  • Lowering front and rear by 20mm on 4 series F32 Coupe



    Lower both front and rear by 40mm on 3 Series F30 Saloon

    Lower both front and rear by 20mm on 4 Series F32 Coupe


      3 Series F30 Saloon

      • BMW F30 320ix 2012-2018
      • BMW F30 328ix 2012-2016
      • BMW F30 330ix 2015-2018
      • BMW F30 335ix 2012-2015
      • BMW F30 340ix 2015-2018
      • BMW F30 318dx 2013-2018
      • BMW F30 320dx 2012-2018
      • BMW F30 330dx 2013-2018
      • BMW F30 335dx 2013-2018


      4 Series F32 Coupe

      • BMW F32 420ix 2013+
      • BMW F32 428ix 2013-2016
      • BMW F32 430ix 2016+
      • BMW F32 435ix 2013-2016
      • BMW F32 440ix 2016+
      • BMW F32 420dx 2013+
      • BMW F32 430dx 2014+
      • BMW F32 435dx 2013+

      For vehicle with xDrive(Four wheel drive) only. You will need the H&R BMW rear wheel drive version if you have a RWD BMW.


      For F33 Convertible, you will need the H&R BMW F33 xDrive 30mm Lowering Spring 




      Manufactured by



      1 Year H&R Warranty.