RaceChip GTS Black Tuning Box - X4 M (F98) / 2019-

RaceChip GTS Black Tuning Box - X4 M (F98) / 2019-

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RaceChip GTS BLACK Tuning Box - Non Bluetooth Version

The best of its kind for high-performance cars. State-of-the-art industry-grade hardware, up-to-the-minute software, ultra modern technology (up to 7 analogue and digital channels), comprehensive safety and service package Ÿ?? everything a petrolhead wants.

Car manufacturers build just a few engines and differentiate the power output via the ECU, same hardware, different software. At RaceChip we're absolute experts in car tuning software. Data from the ECU is read and individually optimized. Existing engine protection systems remain fully intact. Plug & Drive Installation, takes 10-15 minutes.

Upto 30% more Power

The software in the Racechip GTS Black is specially designed for your vehicle to optimise your engine's electronic signals. This provides a significant boost to your horsepower and torque within the available power reserves. You'll feel the added power, dynamics and drive. (Please note power figures are estimated)

Better fuel economy

With the Racechip GTS Black, you can increase power while also saving fuel and money. Up to 1Ltr less fuel per 60 Miles is possible. Torque optimisation is the key to this simple equation: more torque = earlier upshifting = less fuel consumption = lower costs. (Please note fuel saving figures are estimated by extensive research carried out by Racechip and are a guide for possible achievable outputs)

5-year product warranty

We use premium components in all our products including the Racechip GTS Black. The complete circuit board has a nano-coating. The processor was specially designed for operating conditions in a car. The housing is heat-resistant, and the connection is made with a professional FCI plug. The Racechip GTS Black is a high-quality product, which is why we offer a 5-year product warranty.

2-year engine warranty

2-year engine warranty (up to 8,000 GBP)*

Warranty period: 2 year

Indemnity: 8,000 GBP (All major engine components covered)

Max. reading: 60,000 miles

Max. vehicle age: 5 years

Applies even if manufacturer's warranty has expired


Motor-specific software: v2.0_GTSBlack

7 fine tuning mappings

Engine Protect System +

Warm-up timer


ARM Cortex-M3 processor

Up to 7 analogue and digital channels

Chip electronics with Nano-Protect

Pro-grade connector (FCI)

Ultra-resistant composite housing

Pro fixing system

Dimensions (mm): L 112 x W 111 x H 36