Remus Axle Back Exhaust System Street Tips - 1-Series (F20/F21) 114i/116i/118i 1.6L (N13B16) 2011+

Remus Axle Back Exhaust System Street Tips - 1-Series (F20/F21) 114i/116i/118i 1.6L (N13B16) 2011+

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Sport exhaust centered L/R, with 2 tail pipes Ø 84 mm Street Race, straight, carbon insert

Original tube Ø 52 mm - REMUS tube Ø 65 mm

Axle-back-system L/R: 084111 1583C or 084111 1583CS! The original exhaust will need to be cut at the manufacturer marked cutting point! Suitable for standard bumper and M sport option! The right side skirt outlet must be trimmed as per the enclosed template!

If you are looking to add a more aggressive tone to your BMW, Remus Sport Exhaust has been one of the go to options for many years! Using state of the art manufacturing processes, in-house R&D, and by working with a dedicated sound engineering team, Remus is able to deliver exhaust systems that offer a level of quality higher than most of their competition, provide a power improvement of up to 5% additional power, and specifically dial in the aggressive tone and growl that people look for in a sport exhaust. Additionally, their exhaust systems decrease back pressure and are handmade in Austria with lightweight stainless steel for weight reduction and a long term reliability and corrosion resistance.


Aggressive racing sound

Shot blasted surface, 100% stainless steel

Performance increase, low back pressure

Light weight construction

Perfect shape and fitment

Handmade in Austria

24 months warranty

Without homologation!