Turner Motorsport Greasable Control Arm Monoball Upgrade - E46 M3

Turner Motorsport Greasable Control Arm Monoball Upgrade - E46 M3

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The best control arm bushing replacement option available! Precise, predicable, handling without the harshness commonly found in solid bushings. Greaseable and serviceable.

Stock rubber front control arm bushings are designed to allow significant fore/aft movement of the front wheels to help absorb road impacts. This soft flexible design maximizes daily driving comfort and helps to add the Ÿ??luxuryŸ?� feeling to your BMW, but it is far from ideal for the performance or racing enthusiast that is looking for optimal handling and braking performance. Being a bonded rubber bushing that is constantly twisting and deflecting when in use, stock rubber bushings really take a beating and often fail prematurely, resulting in further degraded handling, braking shimmy or even clunking felt under your feet.

In the past, the only upgrade option to improve handling of your E46 M3 was to replace the stock rubber with poly bushings, or delrin bushings that wear prematurely and are not serviceable or rebuild-able. While well-designed poly bushings can vastly improve handling characteristics and offer good road feel with minimal increase to NVH, they are still a compromise when it comes to ultimate handling and braking performance.

Introducing the new Turner Front Control Arm Spherical Bearings! The Turner engineering team set out to design a no-compromise solution that requires no modification and offers instantaneous cornering and braking response. Our control arm bearings utilize a unique grease-able spherical bearing that is both serviceable and replaceable, with integrated dust seals to help keep dirt and moisture out. This bearing offers considerable improvement in both precision and durability compared to other unsealed poly and delrin bushing inserts previously available, which can wear prematurely due to contamination. The bearing assembly utilizes the highest quality materials, precision machining quality, and components to ensure a perfect fit and longest lasting component life possible.

The result is the ultimate in terms of low friction, no binding, and no unwanted deflection, as well as exceptional steering precision, turn-in response, and direct braking feedback with minimal increase in NVH. These spherical bearings are a must have for any track car, but are also completely street-able and are a great upgrade for any enthusiast that enjoys spirited driving.



- Extremely robust, grease-able, double lip sealed spherical bearing (Rated for 20,000lbf Dynamic, 90,000lbf Static).


- 6061-T6, anodized housing with needle grease zerk for easy maintenance.

- In house designed knurled OD to provide the perfect fit for the wide range of housing diameters among brands.

Bearing Insert Arm adapter

- Precision CNC machined Delrin, providing a tight fit between the bearing and the control arm.


- Instant, crisp steering and braking response.

- Easy to maintain, long lasting performance.

- Improved road feel without undesirable NVH.

Grease before installation and with each oil service with high quality Moly grease for maximum service life. Grease fitting tool - ES#3410138 or complete kit - ES#3411244

**Please refer to our installation .PDF before beginning the bearing to housing installation.

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine

BMW E46 M3 S54 3.2L

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