RaceChip S Tuning Box - 3 Series (E90-93) / 2004-2011

RaceChip S Tuning Box - 3 Series (E90-93) / 2004-2011

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RaceChip S Tuning Box

Up to 20% more power and torque

Up to 10% fuel savings

5 fine tuning mappings

Easy installation in 10 minutes including installation instructions

Tuning perfectly tailored to your vehicle

High quality components "Made in Germany"

Professional automotive safety plug

Solid performance and quality

The basic chip for your vehicle. Modern hardware in the automotive industry, engine-specific coordination and a service and security package offer the perfect package for chip tuning beginners

5 fine-tuning mappings for maximum driving pleasure

The RaceChip S is delivered with a setting that is tailored to your engine. The 5 finetuning mappings, which can be selected by means of a rotary control, enable individual and gradual adjustment to the performance and engine characteristics of your vehicle, according to your wishes.

5 fine tuning mappings for gradual tuning

Easy handling of the rotary controller without screwing

More power and less consumption

The S increases the available torque and efficiency in the relevant speed range. This enables earlier upshifts and lower-shift driving with efficient fuel consumption. This can reduce consumption by up to 10%

Our products are designed to enable you to reduce consumption. Enjoy more power when you are sporty or save fuel and money.

Plug & Perform - This is how performance increases today.

Modern engine control now works electronically via software. The additional control units from RaceChip access them precisely with their specially developed mini-computers. In terms of complexity and level of development, they are absolutely comparable with the methods of the manufacturers.

This is the only way that the RaceChip optimization software can record, optimize and pass on the multitude of parameters and ensure our high product quality.

It is always fascinating how easily and easily such sophisticated solutions can be used. The performance is high tech, the installation is plug & drive. And the driving experience is unique.


Engine-specific software: v2.0_S

5 Fine tuning Mappings

Engine Protect System


ARM Cortex-M3 Prozessor

Up to 3 analog and digital channels

Chip electronics with nano-protect

Professional automotive safety connector (FCI)

Ultra-resistant plastic housing

Basic fastening system

Dimensions (mm): L 87 x D 95 x H 36

In the Box

Chip tuning module RaceChip S


4 cable ties